Welcome to Girl Afraid

My first ever blog post!

Hello and welcome to Girl Afraid!

A new culture blog from me a millennial woman (not womxn, at least until the word mxn is circulated widely!) with too much time on her hands and too many thoughts.

Needing to find new ways to entertain myself in between my part-time day job and my current lack of a social life, here I will be sharing thoughts and opinions all of which are my own.

Sick and tired of the polarising, extreme and often negative opinions in mainstream media and desperate for a hobby after finding myself in yet another national lockdown and woefully underemployed I have taken to blogging….

Whilst I know blogging expired in coolness around 2012, with the pubs closed I need somewhere to spout my verbal diarrhoea and I hope some people out there may enjoy reading it.


Girl Afraid


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